Olde Boston Bulldog

​​​​​Yes, our dogs do come in many colors and patterns, these are the original breed created in the 1800's by breeding the White Terrier and the English Bulldog.  The White Terrier is extinct today.  As time passes this breed is becoming even more rare.

Four Mile Road Ranch and Kennel is a Breeder of the Foundation in which Boston Terriers were created from in 1890.  Before 1890 the Breed was known as the Boston Bulldog, a very healthy, strong, and loving pet.  They were bred to be a fighting dog but it was soon realized they were better lovers then fighters but they are strong protectors of their owners as well.  Over the years only about eight kennels remain of the original breed, ours is the only one in Texas.  The Boston Terrier, although has much greater medical issues, are the same dog but has been either bred to other dogs or bred downward in size to make them smaller and more attractive to people wanting a smaller dog.


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