Four Mile Road Ranch and Kennel
So why should an Olde Boston Bulldog be your next pet?
My own reason is simply "LOVE".  I have had many kinds of dogs of every size and build but none can compare to the love these guys and
gals seem to give.  They love to play and they love to cuddle, they can play with the healthiest of kids and yet be gentle enough for the
elderly and they are the perfect size for most homes.
Where did the Boston Bulldog breed come from?    Many years ago in Boston people fought dogs for entertainment and were wanting to
breed a better dog so they mixed an English Bulldog with a White Terrier.  This dog, as it turned out,  was more of a lover than a fighter due
to eye injuries so people started having them as house pets.  This was the original Boston Bulldog, a very healthy animal.  The Boston
Terrier is a breed created from the Boston Bulldog over several years but not as good as the original.  You can go to our "Aboutus"
webpage to get the history of the Boston Bulldog and how the Boston Terrier came to be as well.   
Boston Bulldogs
Moore's Cody
Our pups come in all colors and patterns.
Which dog or puppy is for sale and who is their Mother and Daddy?
On our Momma and Pappa page we will do our best to give you all the information to make your choice, puppy or dog  which is best suited
for you and your family simply because we want your choice to become a wonderful and happy part of your family.  If we fail to answer your
questions please email or phone us for the information you need.

                                                                             We want your choice of pet to be everything you ever wanted and that is why we:
Insure your pet is in good health by providing it with up to date shots as well as it's very
own shot record, have our Veternarian certify it's health prior to shipping, and request
that you have your own Veternerian check your pet's health upon arrival.
We will refuse to sale any pet to persons who we believe intend to use a pet for
fighting, lab animal, or illegal intentions.
We invite people to come visit us by making an appointment in advance so that they
can play with our pets even if you don't intend to buy.
Give each one as much individual love and attention that we can give.
Cody and Maggie dancing for treats.
What in a name?  The Old English name Olde Boston Bulldogge is pronounced as
"Old Boston Bulldog".  We prefer to call them by the original name of Boston Bulldog.  
The term "OBB" is used quite for Olde Boston Bulldogge just as "BT" is used for the
Boston Terrier.  Our OBB breed is registered through the International Olde English
Bulldogge Association and the United Canine Association.
The Mighty Protector, well, he may be in a year or so.
We are proud our kennel is
registered with the International
Olde English Bulldogge Association
and the United Canine Association.
We hope that you will click on the
links for a visit to their websites
and the wonderful people that make
up the I.E.O.B.A. and the U.C.A.  
While you are there you can learn so
much more about our dogs (and
others) and how they came to be.
Below is three rare pictures of the Henley Family and are the only pictures I have been able to obtain of them and the Boston Bulldogs
they love and raised.  The Henley Line of Boston Bulldogs came from this family who lived in our local area and, I believe, are the best
example of the Boston Bulldog breed produced in the late 1800's and today we hope to carry on that trust at our kennel..
Velma with Major at the October 9th dog show at Bruceville/Eddy
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