Olde Boston Bulldog

   Velma and William live on a 34 acre property three miles from Mart, Texas which is about 20 miles east of Waco.  They have and raise paint horses, ducks, chickens, quail, geese, turkey, guineas foul and of course our dogs.  They have both had to retire due to health concerns but stay active with all of their animals, well, actually Velma does, William works most of the time in his small shop that is located on their property as well.  

   About ten years ago Velma came home from work with a puppy she was given by a friend who's husband said he didn't want a dog, William saw it and said that she needs to find it a home.   It was also about this time that William was trying to recover from a serious carbon monoxide accident and was unable to walk and could not do much more then sit and watch television which made it lonely while his wife worked outside the home so the next night when Velma returned home William declared "This puppy isn't going anywhere,it's mine!".  They had no idea how special the puppy really was, it was from the Henley family who lived in Bellmead, Texas who had brought their Boston Bulldogs with them here many years ago and had given a few of their puppies to friends and family in the area who also raised them for awhile.  William was so in love with his puppy, Cody, that he and his wife went on a search to find others of the same breed.  The dogs were very hard to find because very few people knew who still had any but just when it looked like there wasn't any of them left they found a lady who had one female she would sale to them and she knew another lady who had a few as well.  They found this other lady and they were able to purchase two more females.  That is how the kennel got started.  It is a labor of love.  When people ask which line of Boston Bulldog the dogs came from they tell them "the Henley Line" out of respect to the couple who brought them to Texas but are no longer with us.  They don't breed our dogs unless we have people asking us to do another breeding but even then we do not do more then three breeding per year and never do a back to back breeding.  Yes, it cost us more then we make from our sales and we have not gone up on our price in ten years even though we have won top honors in local and national dog shows.  The cost of airfare for the puppies and the cost a veterinarian has gone up greatly so this cost has to be included into the cost of shipping a puppy.  There are only, at last count, eight breeders of Boston Bulldogs left so they have become fairly rare.  Most of the breeders of Boston Bulldogs have purchased one or more puppies from Velma, she handles all of the sales.  They have a good working relationship/friendship with all of the other kennels but that isn't hard since there is only eight.   William and Velma get attached to every puppy that is born because they keep the mother dog and her puppies in the house for the first six weeks after they are born.  William often says that if we were to keep them all they would never be able to have anymore puppies so they  have to pass on these bundles of love to others so they can have more puppies to care for, enjoy, and love.  

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