Four Mile Ranch and Kennel

Mart, Texas  254-716-6992

Olde Boston Bulldog

These are the last of the litter we have left to sell, might want to get one now before they are all gone. For updates and more information please call Velma at (254) 716-6992.

Last updated November 14, 2018

These puppies are $800 each plus shipping (which runs about $450 at present).  We give military veterans, especially disabled veterans, and those who are severely disabled a nice size discount of $100 off the top.  You can contact Velma at (254) 716-6992 or email her at for more information.  She can take updated pictures as well as discuss how we try to keep the shipping cost down.  If you have any questions before, during, or after the sale, she will be happy to help if she can.

We breed our dogs when we get request for a breeding, the persons making the first deposit of $400 (or as agreed upon) gets the pick of the litter, the second deposit gets the second, and so on.  Those dogs without deposits will be posted on our Puppy Page until all are sold.  The only exception to this is if we need another dog for our breeding program but we will never select a dog that already has a deposit, that puppy is considered spoken for.  If you think we did you wrong in anyway please contact us and tell us what we did wrong so we can correct it if we can, if we did a good job and you and your family are happy, please pass the word to others.